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Our Story. Our Motto. Our Promise.

Our Ingredients. Our Food.

Hello There,


So how did we become Listowel's #1 restaurant as per Or, been voted multiple times year after year as an award winning restaurant that changed Listowel's food landscape?


We opened our doors in 2007 and have been a great staple in the Listowel community ever since! We are grateful for the community support and in turn, always focus on giving back! We're known to support multiple charities, clubs and non-profit organizations!

Just like the name suggests, Veky's truly has an international taste for all tastes and likes. Guests have so many choices when dining out today and we wanted to provide freshest, not frozen, alternative.

We are famous for homemade European classics such as schnitzels, cabbage rolls and Hungarian Goulash! 


As a family business, we genuinely believe in giving back! Our annual scholarship assists students at Listowel District Secondary School and help them pave their way to finding themselves and their dream careers while in College and Universities! We also align ourselves and invite local groups for Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinners! It's part of our DNA.


We invite you to come on in and say Hello and try us out!  Like us on Facebook, there's always something going on - from contests to updates!


We look forward to seeing you and yours!




Veky's Team


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